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Jesus Christ - Brand New










yes mama go awfff 

She is flawless. Meanwhile…


"dont be racist" "white humor sucks"


"white people dont get opinions on asian problems" "i (an asian woman) have an opinion on native american issues."

"i understand satire but heres why i dont"

"white people love to minimize my opinion, nope people of color would never say that you are over reacting"

she’s over reacting.

i understand it must be difficult to grasp true facts when your whole face is a myth 

what does this even mean?

your face don’t real but facts

fee fees> facts> my mythical face

Honestly though how does a living, breathing human being not take a look at that sentence and go “hang on a minute, this make no sense!”

I’m baffled.

what doesnt make sense is the fact that you’re white pride?? why?? 

1. do you know where your cousins are? or what they look like? the ones you haven’t fucked btw!!

2. do you pay rent to your parents?

3. what is your favourite nickelback song?

4. from a scale of 100 to 1,000,000 how many times have you called your mother a bitch to her face?

5. did you cry more when your dog died or when your grandparent died? 

please get back to me  


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Japan Inc. Now Exporting Weapons Defense Contractors 

Need Case-by-Case Approval; Some See Retreat From Postwar Pacifism

TOKYO—Japanese military contractors are taking their first steps toward selling weapons abroad since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe relaxed an export ban, a politically sensitive shift for a nation that long hesitated to turn its technology prowess into arms-sales profits.

"We are seeking the possibility to expand our business,” said Takumi Kobayashi, a Kawasaki manager. "The export of defense, it is just the beginning. We are seeing how it will go."

This is important and also very, very frightening.

1. Sure, why not. 2. Yohji wizard 3. Try ONE krispy kreme donut. They're sweet as acid. 4. Have a mug. Bonus: Write ur own book gosh

Sweet as acid sounds horrible, so I’ll put it off for another day. Thanks for the answers anon

Ps I can’t wire to save my life -____-

Answer me these questions

1. Should I get an annual subscription to Pop Eye Magazine?
2. ACRNYM tech or Yohji wizard for the fall?
3. Get up early and try Krispy Kreme donuts?
4. Pour myself another glass of whiskey?

Bonus points for anyone who can give me book/music suggestions


Photographed by Jonty Davies for Marie Claire US October 1998

Uniform Experiment 2014-2015 A/W

V good, v good.

Throws kisses at my roommate, dodges them like bullets



This is a real panda
China has this “panda diplomacy” and this one will be sent to Japan as an friendship envoy. For the safety reason he sits as a passenger with his feeder, not in a cage. Fastening the seat belt, wearing a diaper, eating bamboos


Artwork by Cathrine Raben Davidsen

Yohji Yamamoto Paris Menswear S/S 2014


Engineered Garments SS15