BIRKENSTOCK JAPAN 2014 Spring & Summer Collection

It is 11:18am right now in Toronto! What's it like in Philly?

Toronto? That’s awesome! I’m trying to make it out there this summer. And I don’t know what Philly is like since I was stopping there for a flight. I live in Boston, MA

How do you pick out your outfit for the day

I put on a song and I go with the vibe. It’s like picking a theme to start my day. If not, I pick one piece and revolve my outfit around it. I’ll start doing more fit pics one of these days and talk about it

Thoroughly Denim

"Most people, in choosing a new home, look for comfort: a serene atmosphere, smooth walls and floors, a logical layout. Nonsense, says Shusaku Arakawa, a Japanese artist based in New York. He and his creative partner, poet Madeline Gins, developed a small apartment complex in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka that is anything but comfortable and calming. "People, particularly old people, shouldn’t relax and sit back to help them decline," he insists. "They should be in an environment that stimulates their senses and invigorates their lives." "

Did you get a cool new job??/

Not getting my hopes up, but maybe?

What time is it on your side of the world?

It’s 6 AM in Philly, what about you?


Hussein Chalayan’s “Ambimorphous” (Autumn/Winter 2002)

Thank you for the passionate conversation.


Ledges Weaving by All Roads. Commissioned by The Commons.