Trend prediction

The next few years will focus on the manipulation of silhouettes. Based on the demand for cut and sew and loose fitting clothes, some will begin seeking out items that can provide quick alteration to the garments. Items such as buckles, fasteners, and safety pins will become an essential piece to allow the user to have more playful and creative approach to maneuver the shape and flow of clothing. Furthermore, large scarves and capes will play an essential role that is already prominent in the niche menswear market. For references, look up Dior FW13, Burberry FW14, FW14 predictions on feminine styles (Sibling), and street snaps.

This is just my opinion based on my observation and assessment on what designers create and what has come to mind. Feel free to criticize/give me feedback.


I think this is one of the very first times in my life that I’ve expressed my opinions against my father. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing with him. It’s just that I’m very reserved and absorbent when it comes to conversations, especially with my father. But when it comes to acknowledging different cultures, my personal life style, and equality among those who come from different backgrounds, I cannot help but to defer their viewpoints if it is against universal point of views. We are all born equal, and we should respect and admire each being those who strive to live.

I wish that there was no such thing as “gay pride”. I wish there was equality from the beginning so people wouldn’t have had to fight all these years for love.


Starting to respire.


Rainy weather, cheap whiskey, a handful of friends, dance, Mowgli, The Time Traveler’s Wife, decent grades, reconsideration, Paris Tea, sick, Visvim, awkward/comforting friendship,  I don’t need you, Bageera, Peanut Butter Trail Mix, Daughter, I’m late, boredom, anacreux.

I remember this one time when I was waiting for the bus to return to the city from my hometown. I became anxious when the bus didn’t appear at the departure time, thinking that I’ve missed it. I stood there at the stop, waiting, hoping to see it pass around the corner to me. I soon realized that this was similar to how I’ve felt all these years. Making decisions that had altered my life course that I had planned. I felt as though there were no returns and only regrets. The mistakes I’ve made had become irrevocable, and made me to believe that I could never achieve my dreams, and I have been trapped in these walls. I refused to believe, and relied on my patience and virtue. Of course, there have been times of doubt, the harsh wind of reality coercing my endurance to succumb to limitations. But I refused to cease my attempts. I’ve continued to work diligently, no matter if I knew how they would have resulted. Years later, I made a crack in the hole. The years of trial had managed to finally make progress, no matter how minute it is. Although the exit is small as a mice, it’s enough to see it with my eye, to insert a mere finger. I’ve made a decision that this is a window that I have created, and it will one day develop into a door, a path to my dream.  In the end, I caught the bus and was guided back to the city where I belong. I will always remember that day, because I understand now that if I have hope, I can succeed. And so, I scrape this wall every day, hoping that I can crawl through it when I am ready to cross into the other side.